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Executive Sessions
November 28, 2023

Customized sessions delivered by former professional athletes, designed specifically for fellow athletes.

Lemonhaze Lemon

Gathering in Las Vegas are over 100 former professional athletes hailing from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, MLS, and other major leagues. Throughout the day, athletes partake in celebratory cannabis educational sessions alongside their fellow retired athletes. Vibrant day of partying and networking with discussions for the canna curious athlete to be exposed to valuable insights about the cannabis industry, provided by experts in the field, as well as from former athletes who have already made strides in this sector.

A very exclusive one-day event organized specifically for former professional athletes, offering them the chance to delve into the industry. They'll be introduced to promising business prospects by established and reputable brands and vendors. Within the enjoyable and laid-back atmosphere of Lemonhaze, attendees can explore avenues for investment and partnerships.


10:am: Intro
10:45am Cultivation Session

11:15am: Extraction Education
11:45am: Retail Roundup

12:30pm: Brand Building

1:15pm: Endorsing a Brand

2:00pm: Investment & Ownership

3:00pm: Investment Opportunities

4:00pm: Flower Tasting

5:00pm: Advocacy

6:00pm: Networking Mixer

  • Brief poolside educational "sesh"ions covering various industry segments

  • Succinct, 3-minute pitches presenting business opportunities by verified cannabis enterprises

  • Informal dialogues featuring industry experts and fellow former athletes sharing their experiences in the cannabis sector

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 10.22.26 PM.png

Hosted within an exclusive Las Vegas mansion compound, ensuring both privacy and exclusivity.

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