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Lemonhaze Lemon

Lemonhaze brings thousands of people from the industry together by providing VIP Up-Fronts for Brand Salespeople and Retail Buyers, hosting Executive Golf Classics, Budtender VIP Events, Education, Conventions, Industry Reports, and more.


Virtual Up-Fronts

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, for us to keep helping cannabis businesses network with others in the industry, we came up with Virtual Up-Fronts to keep the connections rolling in!


Budtender Parties

You must impress the Budtender "cashier" at a dispensary to get your product in front of your ideal consumer. We make that happen. All Budtenders are VIPs at the party and learn all about your businesses.


Executive Golf Classics

While the top tier managers of the cannabis brands and businesses golf, others in the industry have opportunities to connect with them on the golf course and during the mixers throughout the day.


MMTC Florida Pitch Cocktail Party

Join verified 2023 Florida MMTC Applicants, Investors, Lenders, Brands, and High-End vendors for a day of networking and business pitches! 


As Lemonhaze grew we recognized that while our data is very important, there was a need for more industry face-to-face connection. We began coordinating events for brands to meet one-on-one with specific target audiences like Buyers and Budtenders to discover the newest products available and to network with other Industry Professionals. Initially, our events focused on the cashiers or Budtenders, as they have the most customer interaction and act as brand ambassadors in the absence of advertising. Over time our events evolved to include networking between Buyers, Managers, Executives, and Owners as well as Budtenders.  

Lemonhaze Golfer with Lemons


Lemonhaze Lemon
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