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Executive Women's
Golf Classic

Lemonhaze Lemon

Lemonhaze exists to help the cannabis industry grow. With every event, we grow connections, relationships, and businesses in the industry. There's an incredible power that comes from having the right people in the same room, and we're delivering that to all of you.


According to a recent study, only 8% of the CEO positions in the cannabis industry are held by women (Arcview, 2021), even though women make and influence over 50% of the consumer purchasing decisions. Lemonhaze is here to help level that field, and support women leaders in the industry.


Let's all break that grass ceiling and set the standard for how business should be done.


Please join me, the Lemonhaze team, and the most influential women in the cannabis industry for an event that will connect us, inspire us, and empower us all. Regardless of how your golf game is, we have a place for you on the course. I look forward to seeing you there.


-Penny Cook, Lemonhaze Chief Operating Officer

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Executive Women's Golf Classic Sponsors

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