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Lemonhaze Golf Classics


Lemonhaze Lemon

Lemonhaze is known for providing first-class events for members of the cannabis industry for low or no cost. Lemonhaze Industry Executive Golf Tournaments and Mixers offer a great day of fun and networking with all the executives and managers of licensed brands and dispensaries from across multiple markets nationwide.


Events all over the USA cover the major regions where you can access cannabis brands and MSOs for your business. Each one features a local flair, and different regional cannabis executives looking for the best vendors and partners to keep their businesses growing. 

Lemonhaze Golf Classics
Lemonhaze Golf Classics
Lemonhaze Golf Classics


Golf Classic Ohio

May 23, 2022

Golf Classic Colorado

June 20, 2022

Golf Classic New Jersey

August 16, 2022

Golf Classic Massachusetts

August 22, 2022

Golf Classic Missouri

September 1, 2022

Golf Classic Chicago

September 20, 2022

Golf Classic Detroit

September 26, 2022

Golf Classic Nevada

April 25, 2022

Golf Classic Southern California

March 21, 2022

Golf Classic Arizona

February 21, 2022

Golf Classic Northern California

May 16, 2022

Golf Classic Florida

March 7, 2022

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